Clamshell Plastic Packaging Got You Stuck?

Clamshell Plastic Packaging – Hard to Open is an Understatement !!

That Tough Clamshell Packaging can be an absolute challenge to open and scissors don’t always help.

But did you know that you can use an an everyday kitchen can opener?

Okay, with a few exceptions because this one won’t work.

But this one will.

It is as easy as lining up the can opener along the seam and operate it like you were opening a can. It will open up the seam of the clamshell package and you can retrieve your product.

Now that was easy.

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Did You Know?

Clamshell Plastic Packaging was invented in 1978 by Tomas Jake Lunsford.

The Clamshell is a type of pre-formed plastic packaging, blister pack. Clamshell Plastic Packaging is commonly used for smaller consumer goods, food and pharmaceuticals.

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