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Cricut Design Space - A Touch of Class

This classy little gift box is a perfect for Mother’s Day or any other day that you wish to make special. The box is your standard 2 piece box consisting of a box top and box bottom.

Your Digital Files

This file has been tested in Silhouette Studio, Business Edition and Cricut Design Space. When I used the Cricut Design Space, I needed to resize the box just a tad bit so it would fit on the canvas. .

Your Digital Download will contain JPeg, PNG, SVG, PDF and EPS for this file.

There will also be this PDF Tutorial in the file.

This is the standard for all files that you download from me.

Uploading the File to Silhouette Design Space

Okay, you’re looking at the file and you’re thinking that I must have lost it. That box bottom is how big? Hello Anne, that cutting mat is 12×12 and the cutting area is less than that.

Yes, I know that the box bottom is 11.5 x 13.75 inches and that is bigger than the 12×12 cutting area. But don’t worry, I haven’t lost it.

When you upload the file, make sure that you group it. For some reason, files always come in ungrouped.

Then you are going to make sure your document size is set to 12×12. When you open this file, your canvas size will be 11.5 x 12. This has to do with the size of the design.

(See pic below)

The next thing that you need to do, is rotate the design. Yes, the 11.5 x 13.5 design does fit on the canvas.

I used the center alignment tools to make sure the box bottom was centered on the canvas.
(See pic below.)

That is how I got the box to fit on the cutting mat.

Working in Cricut Design Space

When I uploaded the design to Cricut Design Space, I notice 2 things that I need to mention.

The scoring lines on the box showed up as cutting lines instead of perforated lines. I don’t know why this happened, but it was very easy to fit. I simply selected the line segments and changed them to perforated lines.
(See pic below.)

There is one more thing that you need to remember when you are working in Cricut Design Space.

If your in Silhouette you need to group the design because these designs tend to come in ungrouped.

In Cricut Design Space is basically the same thing, it is just called something else. The design needs to be attached.

This is important because if you don’t attach everything, then Cricut Design Space want to put all the score lines on one mat and the box on another. In other words, Cricut is separating the design elements by color, as per it’s usual. Cricut is very helpful like that.

The solution is simple, start by selecting all of the design, then attach.
(See pic below.)

Box Assembly

The box assembly is rather straight forward. I always use Tombow and double sided tape when I assembly my boxes. I use both adhesives because I would really like my boxes to stay together.

Tombow is a great adhesive, it doesn’t warp paper or cardstock and it is a very strong permanent adhesive by itself.

Box Top Assembly

When I put the box top together, I did trim the tabs. I like using 1/2 inch tabs on all my boxes. I feel like that size offers a fair amount of surface area for added strength and plenty of room for adding the adhesive.

While this is a good size tap, it does peak through the cut out design and it does need to be trimmed.

I left the tabs on the box top intact, so that you could decide how you wanted to trim these tabs. After all, this is your box.

I did lay the box top on it’s side and I did use my bone folder to burnish the tab. I always do this because it helps the adhesive stick better.

(See pic below.)

Need a Copy of this file?

This file can be found in my Creative Fabrica Store. Just click on any picture in this tutorial and you will find this file along with all my other files.

Be sure to check out Creative Fabrica incredible subscription offer while you are there.

I have used many sites in the past. I have found that Creative Fabrica has them all beat.

Okay, It’s Your Turn

This is a very fun box to make. Take your time, there is a lot of detail in this cut out design. Make sure your blades are in good shape when cutting out this design.

This is your box, make it your own.

Have fun.

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