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Adorable SVG Basket Template

SVG Basket Template

I have fallen in love with this Adorable SVG Basket Template. I love the fact that the template can easily be re-sizes to fit my project. It has been so much fun to making these these Adorable SVG Basket Templates.

No Score Lines

First, you will most likely notice that there are no score lines. I did not find it necessary to add any score lines. Instead of score lines, I simply rolled the paper over my fingers to get the curve that I needed. Score lines were not necessary.

SVG Basket Template


I had no problems re-sizing this template.

Did I re-size proportionately, well yes and no?

Re-sizing proportionately means that when you increase one side, you also
increase the other size in the proportion.  This is usually the best method for re-sizing an image. This keeps the the image from appearing skewed and is more visually appealing. 

To resize an object like the Adorable SVG Basket Template you can either grab the corner of the bounding box, and drag in or out while holding the Shift Key. In the pic below you can see the bounding box around the image. The white squares represent the corners of the bounding box. Grabbing any one of those white squares while holding the shift key will re-size the image proportionately.

The Shift Key is your Modifier Key that adds a condition to the re-sizing.
In this case, that condition keeps the images proportionate as it is being re-sized.

Re sizing an Image 100 tiny

Using the Lock Icon

This method of dragging the corner of the bounding box works great, especially when you are wanting to fill an area with an image. But what if you need specific measurements.

The pic above comes from Silhouette Design Space, Business Edition. Take a look at the toolbar. There is a set of numbers and lock icon.

When the lock icon is open, the length and the width of an image are re-sized independently. But when that lock icon is closed, the image is re-sized proportionately.

Did I re-size proportionately, well yes and no?

Re-sizing Proportionately means that when you increase one side, you also
increase the other size in the proportion or ratio. This keeps the ratio of the
image the same and in some cases is the best method to re-size an image.

You can resize an image by dragging the corner of the bounding box, but without holding the shift key.

This will skew the image, but in the case of this Adorable SVG Basket Template, the skewing isn’t very noticeable.

Adorable SVG Basket Template – Skewed Image Results

Holes for the brags

There are 2 things that I noticed when I resized this SVG Basket Template that you should be aware of.

The first thing that I noticed was the holes for the brags were no longer nice circles, they became more oval than circle.

You will need to be mindful of this size change when you are re-sizing this image if for no other reason than you still need to fit the brags through these holes when you are putting you Adorable SVG Basket Template together.

Skewed SVG Basket Template when completed

I found that the sides of the SVG Basket Template were not level when the image was excessively skewed.

The top edges of the SVG Basket Template has a V-slant towards the center. Personally, I don’t mind the slant and I think it is still adorable.

In the pics below you can see what I am talking about.

skewed image 100 tiny
Skewed Basket tiny

Assembly - Adorable SVG Basket Template

For the assembly, I used a brag. You are welcome to use anything you choose.

I started with the handle and worked each layer of the basket. In the image below, I numbered pieces as I picked them up.

You are welcome to use whatever assembly method you please, this is just how I did it.

Assembly tiny

Paper Clip Trick

With 9 pieces and only 2 hands, it was getting a little fussy trying to hold all the pieces and insert the brag. My solution was the paper clip trick.

If you use this method, just be careful not to insert the brag through the center of the paper clip. You will find yourself having to start over.

Paperclip Trick tiny

Where can you get this file?

All my downloads can be found in my Creative Fabrica Store. There you can find all my digital downloads.

Here is the link for your download.

Adorable SVG Basket Template

I love being a designer for Creative Fabrica. There is no other place on the Internet like Creative Fabrica. I encourage you to take a look around Creative Fabrica. You will find that they have a lot to offer.

Did you like this post? Do you have any questions? Please leave your comments below.

Happy Crafting

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