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Cake and Cookie Decorating

Do you love Cake and Cookie Decorating? I know that you have seen them in the stores, those amazing designs printed on cakes and cookies. Have you ever wondered how it was done? Did you know that  you can achieve this is your own home? Yes, you can. Join me for tutorials that explain the step by step basics of edible printing systems. Let’s take those Cake and Cookies to the next level!!

Lets Get Baked

Let’s Get Baked – Sublimation Cookies

Sublimation Cookies No, I have not lost my mind, at least not yet. You see, we are not actually going to sublimate cookies. What we are going to do is use  sublimation designs to decorate cookies.  Okay, now that makes more sense, right !! But how do you put sublimation designs on cookies? Where do

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