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Making your Vinyl Design Dishwasher Safe

Making your Vinyl Design Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe

How to make my Vinyl Decorations Dishwasher Safe? I hear this question all the time.  You spend all that time getting the perfect design and the perfect placement, only to find out that you need to hand wash the item. How many times have you lost that sale because the customer wants something that can […]

Decorative Silhouette Fonts

Decorative Silhouette Fonts

I have been seeing a lot of Decorative Silhouette Fonts around lately. What do I mean by Silhouette Fonts? These are the fonts with silhouette images punched out of the letters and glyphs. The preview picture has very good examples of these Decorative Silhouette Fonts. So how were these fonts made? How did they do […]

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