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Christmas Card Kits – A Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Card Kits

Card Kits - What can you Expect to find on this Blog?

Cards don’t come in just 1 or 2 sizes, in fact, card sizes are all over the place.
But for the sake of sanity, all of my Card Kits will be A7 – 5×7 inches (US).

This will be the size that you can expect to find in all my Card Kits. You are welcome to re-size these cards to meet your needs.

Christmas Card Kits 2020

The Christmas Card Kits for this year are amazing and I can’t wait to share them with you. The theme for this years Christmas Card Kits is Laser Cutwork. As many of you already know, I am in love with cutwork. I love the detail and the intricacy of the designs. I have chosen designs that are both intricate and elegant. I know that you are going to love them. So let’s get started.

ChristmasTree Preview03 1

I choose 3 different Christmas Trees for this Christa Card Kit. I couldn’t decide on just one design.

I used these 3 designs and I made everything from a 5×7 card to a smaller gift card. I even made a 3D Christmas Ornament.

Christmas Tree Card Kits
ChristmasTree Preview02 1 100

Making the 5x7 Christmas Tree Card

When you first open the SVG in Silhouette Design Space, you will need to group the design. I use the shortcut Ctrl + G. Mac users will use Cmd + G.

If you forget, no worries, just back up using Ctrl/Cmd + Z to undo.

The reason I do this is because of the scoring lines. I don’t need the scoring lines to move when I am moving or re-sizing the card on my canvas.

Releasing the Compound Path

Don’t be afraid to release the compound path.

With the design selected, go to the Modify Tool and Select Release Compound Path. What this is going to do is it will get rid of all the die cut and lacy stuff.

Once this is done, remain in the Modify Tool and Select Weld. Be sure that the image is still selected. This will put everything back together into one big piece.

See Images below.

2020 11 15 11

Yes, I could have gone to my cutter and cut a paper to fit on the inside, but I wanted to match the outline of the Christmas Tree.

I also wanted to add some color behind the Christmas Tree. The results are simple and elegant and lets the die cutting shine without too much distraction. It adds just a little color to an otherwise white card.

Mistake, but Easily Corrected

Adding that inner lining paper to the turned out to be a bit challenging.

The papers didn’t want to line up. So I took my card to the paper trimmer and it will be our little secret.

20201116 003508
20201116 004055

Problem Solved

I got lucky this time, there was only a small amount that needed to be trimmed. But what if I am not so lucky next time?

So I came up with this solution to help avoid that next time.

There is only 1 side that really needs to line up and that is the outline of the time. So here is what I did.

I used the Rectangle Tool and added a little bit of Wiggle Room around the edges of the card that didn’t have to be matched exactly.

Then I used the Modify Tool and Welded my Wiggle Room to the Christmas Tree Card.

This eliminated all the alignment problems for future cards. With this Wiggle Room I only need to match the one edge of the Christmas Tree. I can use my paper cutter for the other 3 edges.


Let's Make Gift Tags

These Gift Tags are re-sized versions of the Christmas Tree Cards that are decorated differently. It is just that easy.

I love the new Quite Curvy Variety Bundle that just came out from Stampin’ Up. The Quite Curvy Variety Bundle is packed with a lot of cool items and it is worth checking out.

For this example I used the Christmas Paper Designer Series Papers which is included in the bundle. These papers are 6×6 so I needed to shrink down the Christmas Tree Cards just a little. These will make beautiful gift tags.

Gift Tags - Reduced

Sizes Matters

Notice the difference between the Red Gift Card and the Green Gift Card. The Red Christmas Tree can be seen very clearly. The detail is very clear. But when you compare the Green Christmas Tree, the Christmas Tree is overwhelmed by the design on the paper. This is a scaling issue. In other words, size matters.

Now check out the pics below and notice the difference.

Scale of Design Matters

The scale of the print on the paper is not overwhelming the Christmas Tree and you can see the design clearer.

I am pointing this out because too many times I see customers and students beat themselves up because a design is not perfect. I see this all the time in my classes. Students compare their finished projects to each other and they beat themselves up when their project doesn’t look as good.

Stop beating yourself up. It was the scale of the print on the paper that made all the difference.

Taking it a Step Further

Aside from have a plain white card with or without the colored background, you also have the Bonus Overlays as an option for these Christmas Tree Card Kits.

These overlays can be used with the Christmas Tree Cards or they can be used independently.

I had some fun with the Bonus Christmas Overlays. I cut 2 of them and added a score line down the middle. Then I added glue to the spine to keep them together. I did run them through the paper cutter to even out the bottom of the tree so it would stand up. Check it out.

ChristmasTree Preview02 1 100

Okay - Now it is Your Turn

This file is available from Creative Fabrica.

Christmas Tree Card Kit

If you have any questions you are welcome to leave a comment. You can also send me an email at notjuststitches@gmail.com and remember, there are no stupid questions.

Independent Stampin' Up Demonstrator

I have fallen in love with the products by Stampin’ Up. The demonstrator support is amazing. The products are top of the line. The ideas and patterns shared freely with demonstrators and customers are some of the best in the industry. I am very happy to be onboard.

If you are interested in Christmas Classic Papers that I used in this tutorial, they are part of the Quite Curvy Variety Bundle. I think you will like this bundle, there are many possibilities and it will make a great staple for your stash.

158396 QuiteCurvyVarietyBundle a
158396 QuiteCurvyVarietyBundle g
158396 QuiteCurvyVarietyBundle f
158396 QuiteCurvyVarietyBundle b
158396 QuiteCurvyVarietyBundle c
158396 QuiteCurvyVarietyBundle d
158396 QuiteCurvyVarietyBundle e

Happy Crafting Everyone !!

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