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Craft Storage Workstation Ideas

With all the different project that I do, Craft Storage is the key component to remaining organized and getting those projects done.

My Craft Room is one large room with limited shelving. My computer desk is one to the side. There are several large work tables in the middle of the room. My best solution for my much needed Craft Storage and organization are the Workstations that I about to share with you.

Separate Workstations

I have divided my craft room up into workstations. Each workstation has its own Craft Storage for that particular project.

Why workstations? That answer is simple. When I am working with my Silhouette Cameo and I am doing some die cutting projects, I do not need my sewing supplies. My Silhouette Cameo has its own workstation. Many of the accessories and all of the blades for my Brother ScanNcut do not fit my Silhouette Cameo. So the Brother ScanNcut has its own workstation with its own Craft Storage. The same can be said for my Cricut Joy and my Cricut Mug Press.

In short I have multiple workstations throughout my craft room. Not all my workstations are identical. The various projects that I do have different Craft Storage requirements.

For example, my Cricut Joy has its own pens and accessory mats. The Cricut Joy also has its own Card Kits specifically for the Cricut Joy. Yes, these cards kits can easily be used with the Silhouette or the Brother ScanNcut, but it is easier keep track of these supplies if they are kept with the Cricut Joy workstation. My Cricut Joy workstation has its own Craft Storage specially for all these supplies.

These workstations are not for everyone. It is what I do and it helps keep me organized. When I stay organized, I get more done. I don’t lose track of small project pieces critical for getting the project completed. You need to find what works for you.

Let’s take a closer look at some of my Craft Storage Workstations.

Photo Box Workstation

As a designer for Creative Fabrica, I take a lot of pictures. My photo box helps tremendously. With this photo box, I can place my phone in the opening at the top of the box and take pictures. I can also take pictures from the front.

I will go into more detail when I do a product review for the photo box. But for now, I want to talk about the Photo Box Workstation.

Craft Storage Photo Box
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This Craft Storage Workstation really is amazing. This is where I keep my Photo Box for taking all my pictures. The Photo Box is great because it helps to eliminate the shadows on my images. With the Photo Box, I can also optimize my lighting.

This Workstation has a total of 12 drawers. This allows me a place to store most of my photo props. I can store things like ribbons and bows. I can store all the decorations and props that I use to make my photos more presentable and attractive. I love this workstation because I don’t have to hunt for those seasonal decorations. Now everything is in one place. And, Seasonal Decorations can be stored in their own drawer.

The Craft Storage Workstation is on wheels and can be easily moved from one place to another in my craft room. I can even push it off in a corner if I want to get it out of the way.

These drawers also provide storage things that I use daily in my picture taking. I have my easels in the larger drawer in the bottom.

Everything that I need to take my pictures for my designs can be found on this Craft Storage Workstation. It is amazing how it streamlines my picture taking.

I have 4 of these Craft Storage Workstations.

I have one for my Xyron Creative Station. I use those drawers for all my Xyron refill cartridges and all my adhesives and double sided tape.

I have another one that I use for my Cricut Joy. Those drawers are great for all the card kits, pens and markers, and fusible inks that are specific to the Cricut Joy.

Then there is a 4th Craft Storage Workstation that I use for We Are Memory Keepers. At the moment, I have the We Ar Memory Keepers Button Press and the We Are Memory Keeper Mold Press on this workstation cart. I do a lot of product reviews for We Are Memory Keepers. I also do a lot of tutorials with these products.  This Craft Workstation keeps the various projects organized and the tools and equipment together.

Paper and File Storage Workstation

I get a lot of questions about my cardstock and how do you organize your cardstock. I am an Independent Demonstrator for Stampin’ Up and I have a lot of cardstock.

This is the Craft Storage that I use for my cardstock. These hanging folders are perfect for any size cardstock. You can see my Stampin’ Up 12×12 inch Designer Series Papers in the first Workstation. In the other Workstation I have my 8.5×11 inch solid cardstock.

Below you can see the storage cart that I use for all my Stampin’ Up 12×12 inch Designer Series Papers. I actually have 2 of these carts and will most like be getting a 3rd. I am able to separate and keep track of all the different Stampin’ Up Designer Series Papers. I have a folder for each different DSP. I also keep the color charts with the DSP.

There are 2 sets of drawers in this workstation. One side has 2 drawers and the other side has 3 drawers. The side that has the 2 drawers is the perfect size for all of my card templates. It is so very convenient having all my supplies in one stop.

Craft Storage Workstation for Cardstock
Stampin' Up DSP - Craft Storage
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Craft Storage Workstation for Cardstock
Card Stock - Craft Storage

I actually have 4 of these Paper and Craft Storage Workstations. I have one that stores my sewing patterns. So you can see, these are not great for cardstock.

The drawers are an ideal place to store extra pieces and or projects that you are working on.

I use these drawers for the card kits that I sell and the projects that I am working on. Again, it keeps everything in a single location and things don’t get lost.

Silhouette Cameo Workstation

I actually have 3 of these Workstations. I have one for the Silhouette Cameo. I have another Workstation for the Brother ScanNcut. The 3rd Workstation is for my Cricut Maker. Because these Workstations wheels, I can easily bring out which ever machine I need while the others 2 die cutting machines are conveniently tucked out of the way.

Each one of these die cutting machines has it’s own set of tools and supplies. The drawers in these Workstations are perfect for keeping all those supplies separate making for the perfect Craft Storage.

I know that this isn’t the pretties picture, but this is an actual workstation for my Silhouette Cameo.

Craft Storage Workstation for Die Cutting Machines
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Each Workstation has enough drawers for all the supplies for that cutting machine. For example, the blades and the pen adapters specific to each machine are easily kept with each die cutting machine. Additionally, I can have a complete set of tools with each Workstation which means hunting around for the last place I used the scissors is no longer a problem.

I actually turn my die cutting machines sideways when I am working. I find that the extended table helps a lot. I can place the machine in the middle of the table and the cutting mats clears both sides when that extension is in the up position.  When I am not using the machine, that extension can be lower for easier storage.

Silhouette Mint

I also have the Silhouette Mint. As you can see from the picture above, it easily fits in the larger drawers. This drawer holds the machine and all the cords, as well as the instructions and  DVD. The drawer also holds all the Stamp Sheets and the Inks that I use for the Silhouette Mint. Everything fits in a single drawer making this the perfect Craft Storage for my Silhouette Mint.

Workstation Assembly Tutorial

These Crafty Storage Workstation are super easy to assemble. I was able to assembly each of my workstations in less than 30 minutes using only my ratchet screwdriver and the tools that came with the workstations.

If you are interested in this Assembly Tutorial, please click on the link below.

Craft Storage – Workstation Assembly Tutorial

This link will go active once the tutorial is finished. Thank you for  your patience.

Where to Buy your Own Craft Storage Workstations

You can find them on Amazon. If you are interested them you can click on the links below. These links will help you easily find the products described in this post more easily without having to search Amazon’s entire site. Just simply click on whichever Craft Storage Workstation that you are interested in and a new tab will open.

There are several styles and  price ranges to choose from. These are amazing workstations. I absolutely love mine. Keeping myself organized is the best way to get things done. If I have to take time to collect my supplies, or find my supplies, that takes time away from the creative process. Like most people, I would rather stay organized than have to constantly search and collect the supplies that I need for a project.

Thank you in advance if you choose to support my blog by shopping with my links. This very small commission helps with expenses so I can continue to create new content to inspire and help you.

Please know that  your price is never affected when you use affiliate links.

Craft Storage - What Did you think?

Please let me know if  you have any questions or comments.

I love hearing from you.

Do you have any Craft Storage suggestions that you would like to share with other readers? Please post your comments below.

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