Unicorn Head

Unicorn Head Preview

Unicorn Head Explained

The Zip File

This file contains an SVG File that is ungrouped and a 2nd file that is grouped. There is also a JPeg file. This is a zip file that will be sent to your email.

The colors that you see in this image are just colors to separate the pieces. This file has been tested in both Canvas and Design Space and the file is fine. There is 1 grouping issue in Canvas with the Blue Roset. That was the only problem that I had.

The file was printed on card stock and appears to work just fine.

Assembly Tips

The tan backgrounds are only so that you can see the pieces that I am talking about.  The colors that I use in this demonstration are only for demonstration. Use whatever colors you want to use. This is your creation so make it yours.

This first image is the over-all shape and it is the very back piece of the Unicorn Head. This is the piece that all your other pieces are attached to. The file is named Outline.

Unicorn Outline


Unicorn Ears are very easy. Each ear is two pieces. These pieces are not mirror images.

The files are clearly marked, Outer Ear 1 and Inner Ear 1 go together. And Outer Ear 2 and Inner Ear 2 go together.

Unicorn Ears

Unicorn Horn has a Horn Outline (yellow) and then the Horn Pieces (blue). The file names are Horn Outline and Horn.

When you assemble the horn, you will be able to see some of the background piece (yellow) through the horn pieces (blue).

The flowers are going to be a little tricky, but only because there are so many of them. So take your time, put the flowers together, and then make your arrangement.

The flower files are all clearly marked.

Blue Roset Front goes with Blue Roset Back AND Peach Roset Front goes with Peach Roset Back.

The names of the flowers correspond to the their colors in the diagram. The top pieces has the cut-away area and the back pieces are all solid.


Yes, you are able to resize. This is an SVG file. Suggestion, resize the Unicorn Head before you ungroup the image.

I would also suggestion resizing proportionately so the image doesn’t get distorted.

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