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Egg Huggers

Egg Huggers

Adorable Egg Huggers

I had so much fun making these Adorable Egg Huggers. These cute little designs are fun and adaptable. Join me and I will show you how they are made.

Easy SVG Files that work with both Cricut and Silhouette.

I used the Silhouette Design Space for this project. Silhouette Design Space is a free program. Anyone can download and use this software. I have the Business Edition. The Business Edition is a “one-time” upgrade. So once it is paid for, it is yours forever. I highly recommend investing in the Business Edition; the extras are worth every penny and more.

I wanted to let  you know that upfront because the tutorial examples use Silhouette Design Space.

Opening SVG Files in Silhouette Design Space.

Start by opening your Silhouette Design Space.  When you want to open a file, go to your top toolbar, File, Open. The shortcut is Ctrl + O. Locate the file on your computer, click on the file name, then click ok. The file will open in Silhouette Design Space.

You can use the drag and drop method to open a file. But I find that I have problems when I use this method.

Design Modifications

I made a couple of changes to the original files. Itty-bitty pieces of paper that require tweezers are not among my favorite things, especially when there is an easier way.

I started by uploading the SVG file to Silhouette Design Space. (See Image 01).

It wasn’t necessary to modify the base or the back of the design.

The design piece that I modified was the front. (See Image 02) I started by separating out the  design elements, those itty-bitty pieces. I put these design elements to one side.

DesignModification UploadedDesign 100
Image 01
DesignModification SepartatedPieces 100
Image 02

I made a copy of those itty-bitty pieces and moved them to one side. Using the modify panel in Silhouette Design Space allows you to create the compound paths that are needed. (See Image Below – Silhouette Design Space – Modify Tool Panel.)

See Image 03 for additional details.

SubtrateAll 100
Image 03
Silhouette Design Space - Modify Tool Panel

Now instead of placing itty-bitty pieces, I can place larger pieces behind the opening. This will give me the details that I need.

Notice that I used ovals to outline the areas needed. Separate ovals are needed because of the different colors.

DesignModification DesignFills 100
Image 04

I used ovals to define the areas that needed details. Because I used stroke only with no fill, it was easier to see what I was doing and where the colored areas needed to be.

(See Image 04.)

Here is another example using a different design.

(See image 05.)

DesignModifications ShapesPlacedBehindRabbit 100
Image 05

The eyes required similar modification using the subtraction tool from the modify panel. Earlier we used the subtract all, because there were several pieces being subtracted. That will not work this time because there are only 2 pieces.

(See images 06 and 07 for additional clarification.)

DesignModification Image 06 100
Image 06
DesignModification IImage 07 100
Image 07

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Perfect Addition for Craft Shows

Wouldn’t these Adorable Egg Huggers be a great idea for a Craft Show, or even an online shop?

They don’t take up much room. I actually made 36 Egg Huggers. These designs can lay flat for mailing or storage until needed.

Online shops can easily ship these adorable designs to customers.

I assembled the Egg Hugger. I glued the bottom front piece in place and left back with just tape. My little Egg Huggers were able to lie flat.

EasilyStacked CraftShow 100

Where can you get these designs?

These designs are available from Digital Gems at Creative Fabrica. Be sure to check them out. These designs are amazing.

If you are looking to save a bunch of money – there is a Special Bundle available – Digital Gems Vol 02 – for Just $9.00. This Bundle includes all the designs that I used in this tutorial and more. But it is only for a limited time. I love being able to buy Bundles and save money.

This Bundle is a $90 value for Just $9.00. But don’t wait, the sale ends soon.

I had a lot of fun making these Adorable Egg Huggers. Please let me know if you have any questions that weren’t covered in the tutorial. I love hearing from readers.

If you have a chance, stop by and join our Facebook Group. I would love to have you.

Happy Crafting Everyone !!

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