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Elegant Gift Bag

Elegant Gift Bag

Very Simple and Very Elegant

This is a very pretty little gift bag. The bag itself looks a lot harder than it actually is.

The bag closure is done with your choice of ribbon or twine threaded through the eyelets at the top. The fold over reinforcement gives strength to this eyelet closure, ensuring the structural integrity of the bag.

Because of the number of folds in this bag, I do not recommend a heavy weight card stock (110 lb). I tried a heavy weight card stock and while I may not have failed miserably, it was much harder to fold and glue together.

This file has been tested in Silhouette Studio, Business Edition.

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ElegantGiftBag Blog Files

Putting it all Together

Before we start talking about putting this Elegant Gift Bag together, let’s take a closer look at the design and understand what we are looking at.

First notice that there are 2 sets of circles across the top of the bag. They are separated by a green score line. These circles are your eyelets. The eyelets are used to thread the ribbon or twine in an alternating manner so you can close the bag.

The score line between the eyelets in folded towards the inside of the bag. When this top area is folded, they eyelets are aligned perfectly.

This fold reinforces the eyelets and the top of the box.

There is also the added benefit of using single side card stock. This fold prevents the white back of the card stock from showing.

The next thing I want to point out is the tab of the side. This is used for joining the box sides together.

But notice that it doesn’t extend all the way to the top. This is because it is tucked between the fold at the top of the gift bag.

You can add glue to the top fold if you want to, but I didn’t find that to be necessary.

But, I found it much easier to fold the top of the gift bag before adding glue to the side tab. It made it much easier to slip the tab in between. This snug fit at the top helped me achieve a perfect alignment for the side of the gift bag.

The green lines are your scoring lines. I didn’t do anything more than a light finger press on any of these score lines.

The horizontal score line at the top of the gift bag was folded towards the inside, as already discussed. The vertical score lines were lightly creased in an accordion manner.

The diagonal score lines at the bottom of the gift bag only need a slight nudge in the right direction. I found that these score lines do their own thing as the top of the gift bag is closed.

This gift bag goes together perfectly with no problems. I just love this little gift bag. It really is elegant and oh so simple.

I have Scissors and I know How to Use Them

Okay, I tried something and it didn’t exactly work out. But that is alright because I have scissors and I know how to use them.

I was in Silhouette Studio and I enlarged the design without scaling it proportionately.

Normally I will enlarge holding down the shift key or locking the proportion icon at the top tool bar. But this time I didn’t. When I enlarged the design, there was a lot of card stock not being used. So I made the design taller.

Everything was fine, right up until I wanted to glue the bottom closed.

ElegantGiftBag Blog Mistake e1607693902648

Well, it was called, scissors to the rescue.

Because the bottom was a polygon, I just made it as even as possible and cut off the excess.

To be honest, you can’t tell that I enlarged the design without the proportions being locked. This is a great design and it is really forgiving.

The Gift Bag Closure

I really like this closure.

The threading part was very easy. I used a very small crochet hook – size “C”. I simply pinched 2 sides together and threaded my ribbon.

But tying the ribbon was going to present a problem and I was all thumbs.

What I needed was an extra hand, something that wasn’t going to damage the paper.

The Perfect Solution

The perfect solution was right in front of me on my desk. It was my pony tail tie. My first thought was to find an elastic band, but the pony tail tie was soft and had a non-tear coating on it. Elastic bands can pull your hair, these pony tail ties are gentler and don’t damage my hair.

ElegantGiftBag Blog Closure
Asset 21

Downloadable File

Thanks for joining me. I really enjoyed making this Elegant Gift Bag.

This file is available on Creative Fabrica.

While you are there, be sure to check out the amazing subscription plans offered by Creative Fabrica. You are going to love that site.

Until next time, happy crafting.

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