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Faceted Box Collection

Faceted Box Collection

What is an Ongoing Collection Series?

An Ongoing Collection Series is exactly what it sounds like. It is Ongoing, because as new files are developed, they will be placed with this post. It is a Collection Series, because all the projects and files will be related.

For example, an Ongoing Collection Series will be Card Templates. And another Ongoing Collection Series will be Faceted Boxes. Another Ongoing Collection Series will consist of Baby Alive Doll Clothes.

The Ongoing Collections Series will be different. It will be a great way to find all the related files, post, and patterns, for a particular Collection Series.

Welcome to this Ongoing Collection Series – Faceted Boxes.

What are faceted boxes?

Well, they are definitely not your regular box.

The word faceted means that there many sides or dimensions. This term can refer to both objects and people. Many gem stones and diamonds are faceted.
Multi-faceted people can be viewed as having many talents or interest.

I have fallen in love with faceted boxes.

Yes, Faceted boxes are a little more finicky to put together, but the results are amazing.

Opening Silhouette Design Space

Opening your SVG in Silhouette Design Space is rather simple. First go to File – Open. Locate the file on your computer. Select those files and click OKAY. I used my Ctr/Command key to select multiple files. (See Pic 01)

Once I have opened the files in Silhouette Design Space, they open in multi-window tabs. (See Pic 02). This isn’t a problem because I just copy – paste to get all the SVG images in one file. This is convenient because I can save them to my Silhouette Design Library and find them later and the files are all together.

ClassPics Opening SVG Files 1
Pic 01
ClassPics Open in Separate Windows
Pic 02

When you open Silhouette Design Space and open the SVG for any of the Faceted Boxes, you will need to group the design. Don’t worry if you forget, just undo the move and go back and group the design.

(See Pics below)

Not Grouped

The SVG color is only for visual so that you can see it against the white background. The color will be whatever color your paper is when you cut out the design.

Now it is time to have some fun and scale those files.

Scalable SVG

Scaling the SVG is easy. But be sure that the lock icon is before you begin. This will scale the SVG proportionately. This is important for the design to work.

If you scale without locking the Aspect Ratio, the box will not fit together. The purpose of the Aspect Ratio is to keep the design in correct proportions when it is being re-sized.

(See Pics below.)

ClassPics Aspect Ratio

The easiest way I have found to scale these designs is to use the resize tool in the top tool bar.

You have the option of using the length and width measurements or you have the 2nd option of the percentages. This is your preference.

(See Pics below.)

ClassPics Scaling by Measurements
ClassPics Scaling by Percentage

Scaling Templates with 2 or More Pieces

Scaling Templates that are 2 or more pieces can be a little more tricky.

Look at the example below. There are 2 pieces that make up Faceted Box 01. But those 2 pieces are NOT the Same Height and they are NOT the Same Width. So what do you do?

The answer is Group Them Together.

You will know that they are grouped because the bounding box will extend completely around both objects. Then it is just a matter of moving the cursor to one of the corners and dragging while holding the Shift Key. Holding down the Shift Key while dragging the cursor will keep the proportions while allowing you to scale the objects.

Asset 29

Box Assembly - Putting it all together.

The assembly is a little finicky. Just looking at the template, it is not exactly straight forward what goes where. So I have given you a little help with the Glue Here and Attach Here instructions on the templates.

But if you have any question, please send me an email and I will give you additional assistance.

That about covers it!

That covers the basics. Now it is your turn.

It is  your turn to enjoy this incredible fun faceted box file.

Faceted Box 01

Stolen from a Ghirardelli Candy Box, this first Faceted Box #01 is a lot of fun. With the scalable SVG file, I was able to make the template from 6 inches to 12 inches.

The small blue box was reduced to 6″ wide. The purple box was scaled to 8″ wide. The pink box and white flowered boxes were both scaled to 10″ wide.

The big box is my absolute favorite and that box was made from the 2 piece template.

Faceted Box 01 – Download Link

I hope you have as much fun making these boxes as I did. With the Holidays coming, I know which one I will be making.


Asset 27
Asset 28

Check back often for more Facet Box Templates.

Happy Crafting !!

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