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Forever 18 and Beyond

Forever 18 and Beyond is a Collection clothing patterns for various Doll.

Here is some information that you need to know about those patterns.

A Little Something About 18" Dolls

Not all 18″ Dolls are created equal.

All the doll clothes patterns on this site are developed my me with pen, a lot of paper, measurements, specialty rulers and the assistance of various CAD software and Adobe CC.

And that is just to get the sloper.

That being said, I look at the measurements on the different dolls. Those measurements vary from one company to the next. The 18″ My Life Doll (Walmart) and the 18″ Our Generation (Target) both have different measurements. Then you add to the mix The American Girl Doll, and you have a 3rd set of measurements.

These measurements are usually very slight. We are talking about 1/8 to 1/2 inch most of the time.

I understand that when you are making human clothes, a 1/4 inch might not mean a whole lot, but dolls are much smaller and that same 1/4 inch can make a big difference in the way the clothes fit the dolls.

All the patterns found on this site will be made for all 3 of those 18″ Dolls. Each pattern will specify which doll it is for, either American Girl Doll, My Life Doll, or Our Generation Doll. If you pattern doesn’t fit exactly as it should, then please check your download and be sure you have the pattern for the right doll.


There isn’t just one Barbie any more.

I work with 4 different sizes. The original size is the 11″ inch doll. This is the one that we all grew up with.

Recently there is a more modern version, the Barbie® Fashionistas. These are 11″ dolls with no so perfect figures. I guess Barbie is starting to age like the rest of us.

Then there are 2 larger size Barbies more suited for younger children. These are the 28″ Barbie and the My Size Barbie which is 38″.

I make doll clothes for all of these sizes.

Please read carefully when you are choosing your patterns. I will let you know which doll the pattern will fit.

Ongoing Collection

Please understand that this is an ongoing collection of patterns. I will continue to add dolls and add patterns to this collection.

Developing these patterns in not only a labor intense process, but it is a time intense process, as well. Patterns are tested and then retested to make sure every detail is correct.

Your patients are appreciated.

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