Not Just a Square – Trapezoid Card Kit

Trapeze Card Template

I love finding and experimenting with new and different card folding techniques. While this Trapeze Card is a little finicky to fold, the end results will be well worth your efforts.

Digital Files

You will find 3 sub-folders with this file. I did this because of the number of accent pieces. I felt that separating the pieces into sub-folders would help add clarity and reduce confusion.

This file has been tested in Silhouette Studio, Business Edition.

Your Digital Download will contain JPeg, PNG, SVG, and PDF for this file.
There will also be this PDF Tutorial in the file.
This is the standard for all files that you download from me.

Folding the Trapeze Card

Getting really good pictures of the card folding just wasn’t in the cards, sort of speak.

So here is my best attempt to explain how to fold this card. Yes, it is going to be a little finicky the results are worth the effort.

I started by folding the card in half. Then I carefully found and gently folded the 2 Mountain Folds. This allowed me to identify the location of these score lines.

I opened the back up and folded these Mountain Folds.

Trapeze Card Folding

Now that I had the first folds done, I opened the card back up and turned it to the inside.

I located the Valley Folds and made very gentle folds. This allowed me to identify the location of the Valley Folds.

I opened the card back up and put the Valley Folds in place.

It is important to notice the fold lines converge on the corner edges of the card. This is finicky, so just take your time and go slow. Gently fold these corners a little at a time.

Once that was done, the rest was easy. The Trapeze Card Template just as it was supposed to.

Accent Pieces

The first time that you notice is that there are more accent pieces in the picture than are actually in the file.

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with the file.

The top set of images are the same as the bottom set of images. These images are what are referred to a REFLECTED copies.

There is no reason to increase the file size with these REFLECTED Images, because the measurements are all the same.

Including these REFLECTED Images would not only increase the file size, but make the file rather confusing.

That is why I left them out.

Accent Pieces

Labeling the Accent Pieces

Here is how I labeled the Accent Pieces for the Trapeze Card Template.

The side piece, as you would expect, go to the side panels of the Trapeze Card and the Center goes in the center.

Looking at the side accents, you will notice “a” and “b”. “A” refers to the bottom accent. These “a” centers fit to the shape and there is no 1/8” offset around the edge. I did not use this piece when I made my cards for this tutorial. I only used the “b” piece with the 1/8” offset.

The same goes for the center accent pieces. “A” is the center accent that fits the shape. “B” has a 1/8” offset and “C” has the 1/4” offset.

In my demonstration cards, I only used Center “B” but Center “C” could have been used on top of Center “B” for an additional accent.

How you use these Accent Pieces is totally up to you. Mix and match them however you please. After all, this is your card. Per sonalize it any way you like. All I am doing is providing you with the Trapeze Card Template.

Accents - A Step Further!

Just a note, the Accent Pieces will fit on the outside of the Trapeze Card and also on the inside of the Trapeze Card.

In this example, I used the same stripe paper with 2 different coordinating prints. I love how all the colors match. I also love how the stripes end up being on a slight diagonal.

The slight diagonal hides any evidence that I might not have gotten the paper glued down straight.

Asset 1

Bonus Word Art

I have included the Word Art that I used in my demonstration card. You can find it in your bonus file.

The name of this font is Amastery Script by Black Cats Media.

If you have the subscription for Creative Fabrica, then you can download this font as part of your subscription. Since I have the subscription, I do not know the non-subscription price for this font.

When I uploaded this SVG file to my Silhouette Design Space, it uploaded as a single piece. But it wasn’t grouped and I was able to separate the pieces easily.

It is worth noting that I use the CB09 blades on my Silhouette Cameo. I like using the CB09 blades because the Silhouette blades tend to struggle with small details like the word “hello”.

Bonus Word Art

Do you like this Project?

This file can be downloaded from Creative Fabrica.

Not Just a Square – Trapezoid Card Kit

Okay - It's Your Turn

So what did you think? Did you like the project? Would you like to see more projects like this one? Do you have any questions that I didn’t answer? Please let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you.

Until next time, thanks for stopping.

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