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Sublimation Business – Less than $200 Start-Up Cost

Sublimation Business Start-Up Cost

A Sublimation Business
is NOT out of Your Reach!

A Sublimation Business, even an in-home Sublimation Business, can be a huge money maker.

Would you like to know more about getting started with your own Sublimation Business? Are you on the fence about starting?

Did you know that starting a Sublimation Business can cost less than $200 in start-up cost?

In this tutorial, I am going to walk you through the steps of starting your very own Sublimation Business with the minimum start-up cost.

Disclaimer, while the sale prices listed in this tutorial are for a limited time only, it is still possible to get your sublimation business going without having to purchase a sublimation printer right away. And while these sale prices won’t last forever, there is always another sale coming. And there are always great deals on bundles.

So, let’s get started.

What is Sublimation?

What is Sublimation is probably a good place as any to start. After all, you need to know what it is that you are getting started.

Usually when people are talking about a Sublimation Business, they are talking about printing designs on things like mugs, tumblers, shirts, bags, clothing and more. For that reason, this tutorial will confine the discussion to Sublimation Print.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a digital printing process. This process uses heat and pressure to transfer a digital design onto a substrate.

You start by printing the desired design onto a specialty sublimation transfer paper. This printing process is done with sublimation inks. The design is then transferred to the substrate during the heating process using the right amount of pressure. The final print is vibrant, durable and blends in with the surface of the product.

These substrates can be anything from a t-shirt to a coffee mug and key chains to picture frames.

Is there a catch? Can I print on anything? Well, yes you can print on almost anything. Somethings like mugs need to have a special coating that allows the sublimation dyes to transfer. T-shirts need to be at least 70% polyester for the dyes to properly adhere to the fabric.

Sublimation Business Necessities

The absolute necessities for a sublimation business are a heat source, substrates, and sublimation ink. The heat source is “the how” the design is transferred to the substrate. The substrate is the finished product. The sublimation ink is how the design is transferred.

Okay, but you left out the sublimation printer? Yes, I know. For this tutorial, I will be discussing how to use your home printer. You can start your sublimation business without a sublimation printer.

You will still need a printer, but with this process you can use your home printer.

Sublimation Business
Start Up Heat Press

With the Holiday’s approaching this is an excellent time to cash in on those sales. There are some amazing sales on heat presses right now that you can take advantage of to get you sublimation business off to a great start.

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of the heat presses that I found.

The model that you choose is up to you. Either one is a great starter model. This is a great opportunity to find out if sublimation is the right fit for  you. At these prices, if you don’t like it, you always have the option to re-sell it and reclaim your money.

The MPress Digital Mug Heat Press is a durable, easy to use mug press that is perfect for any home or hobbyist. The full bleed heating element can accommodate 11 oz. and 15 oz. sublimation mugs purchased from us. The time and temperature are regulated by the digital computer gauge which can display the temperature in degrees F or C.

The MPress Digital Mug Heat Press is an excellent choice for sublimation first timers.

Here are some of the features.

The digital control panel allows you to set the temperature and the timer.

There is an easy on-off power switch.

The Pressure knobs allow you to use different size mugs.

The Heating Unit applies evenly distributed heat for amazing results.

The HPN Signature Series Fully Automatic Sublimation Mug Heat Press Machine is the only electric fully automatic sublimation mug press on the market today.

This would make an excellent starter machine for anyone thinking about a sublimation business.

Simply Set your Time and Temperature, Nothing Could be Easier

Simply place your 11 oz. sublimation mug into the Grade A heating element and let the mug press do the rest. The HPN Signature Series Fully Automatic Sublimation Mug Heat Press will automatically close and heat your mug for the set amount of time and then open automatically once the sublimation process has finished all without the need for a pneumatic air compressor. From small sized graphics such as names and logos to full bleed, top-to-bottom images, the HPN Signature Series Fully Automatic Sublimation Mug Heat Press delivers exceptionally high quality sublimation transfers every time.

The HPN Signature Series Fully Automatic Mug Heat Press features the same Grade A heating element included with all Signature Series mug heat presses. The heating coils built into the heat mat are dramatically thicker than the industry standard, resulting in a significantly more even temperature distribution and longer life of the heating element. Designed for efficiency, the Signature Series heating elements conduct a very quick heat up process and distributes heat evenly while maintaining maximum heat retention with every press.

The HPN Signature Series Mug Cup Heat Press can accommodate 11 oz. standard mugs and it’s unmatched quality and affordability puts it in a class of its own. It is sure to become a favorite of heat transfer enthusiasts everywhere.

Sublimating on T-Shirts

These are awesome starter Mug Presses.  But maybe mugs are not something that you are interested in.

What about t-shirts? T-Shirts are a very profitable niche to tap into when starting a sublimation business.

I have the perfect Heat Press for you. And it’s on Sale!

HTVRONT Easy Heat Press machine with a sensitive pressure display function and integrated design is convenient and straightforward to operate and reduce ironing errors. The shirt press machine’s uniform surface temperature can be for heat transfer vinyl and sublimation projects. The t shirt press machine is a good helper of crafters !

Choose your color.

Yellow, Blue, Light Green, Mint Green, Raspberry Red, and Purple

New Pressure Display Function
Our 10″x10″ heat press has the speed of an industrial heat press and the convenience of an iron. Wide-ranged applicability in transferring material: foil, Lite/metallic, glitter, holographic, sublimation paper, etc.Just set the recommended time and temperature, apply a little pressure, and when the beep sounds, you’re done! Furthermore, this t shirt press machine is portable and easy to store. You can easily hold it with only one hand without using all your strength.
See Pic Below.
Faster & Higher Heating Up
Compared with traditional heat press, you will save nearly 60s of heat-up time when using our shirt press. What’s more, our iron press could evenly heat to precise temperatures at higher degrees (410°F/210°C). There’s nothing worse than accidentally burning half of your design, while the other half still isn’t properly stuck down yet. Our heatpress will allow you say goodbye to this situation and always have a clean and professional transfer.
See Pic Below.
Safe Use & Auto-shutoff
Our t shirt heat press comes with an insulated safety base to rest in, making it safer to use around your kids and pets. The top and side handles ensure your hands are kept away from the hot plate. AND heat press machine will automatically shut up if you don’t use it after 15 minutes. No worries you are going to burn the house down.When the machine is automatically powered off for heat dissipation, it is recommended to place it on our black base.
See Pic Below.

I really love this bundle. When you think about everything that you are getting, $39.99 in Heat Transfer Vinyl, $23.99 in Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl, $5.99 for a cutting mat of your choice, that comes out to $69.97 in supplies along with the machine.

The machine with the bundles is costing $121.97.  You are only paying $52.00 for the machine, looking at all the numbers.

This represents a very good start up cost for  your Sublimation Business.

This bundle includes the HTVRONT Easy Heat Press Machine and Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle – a 36-pack of 12″ x 10″. There are 26 different colors in this bundle.

Retail $39.99 value.
See Pic Below.

Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle – 9-pack 12″x10″. There are 9 assorted colors. 

Retail Value $23.99.
See Pic Below.

Cutting Mat – 12″ x 12″ Single Pack. You can use the drop down menu and choose between the standard, strong, or light grip mats.

Retail Value $5.99.

See Pic Below.

Here is another great bundle for you to look at. Custom T-Shirts are very popular and make for a profitable Sublimation Business.

Instead of Vinyl, this bundle includes a paper pack. You will be able to sublimate on both light and dark t-shirts.

HTV PAPER Light Fabric Transfer Paper – 8.5″ X 11″ 6 Pack

Retail Value $9.99
See Pic Below.

Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric – 8.5″ X 11″ 10 Pack

Retail Value $19.99.
See Pic Below.

Sublimation without
a Sublimation Printer

Is that even possible? Can you do sublimation without a sublimation printer. Can I have a sublimation business without a sublimation printer. The answer is yes and here is why.

There are sublimation inks that can be used.

The heat source is not an option, but the sublimation printer is something that you can purchase at a later date if you decide that a sublimation business is right for you.

Not only do you NOT need a sublimation printer, but you also don’t need sublimation paper.

In this section I am going to explain your options, because there are a couple of options out there. You don’t have to have a sublimation printer to start your own sublimation business. That is an expense that you can save for later when you know that a sublimation business is something that you want to do.

Artesprix Markers and Inks

By far, this is my favorite products for sublimation. Not only does Artesprix have the sublimation markers, but they also have sublimation ink pads and those ink pads have refills. These are products from Sublimation Heaven.

The Artesprix Sublimation Stamp Pads and Stamp Pad Refills come in a wide range of colors.

These handy refill bottles are an incredible value.

These ink pads can be used with any of your stamps from any company. I used them recently on the Santa Express. This is a stamp and die set from Stampin’ Up. There will be another tutorial coming shortly. I will post the link when it is finished.

See Pic Below.

Artesprix also has Sublimation Markers. I recently used these Sublimation Markers and made mugs using children’s drawings. This is a great idea for grandparent gifts.

That tutorial will be posted shortly. You will be able to find the link when the tutorial is finished.

Artesprix Sublimation Markers - Sublimation Business

Artesprix is one of my favorite products, so you can expect there will be many tutorials in the near future. So be sure to check back often.

Cricut Fusible Markers and Transfer Sheets

Next on my list of suggestions is the Cricut Fusible Markers and Cricut Transfer Sheets.

Let’s start with the Cricut Fusible Markers. As you probably already guessed, these markers fit in the Cricut Die Cutting Machines. You can have so much fun with these.

I did a tutorial using sketch pens that you might like to check out, the process is the same.

Sketch N Cut with Silhouette Studio

And the answer is yes, you are able to use these pens with other die cutting machines, you just need the appropriate adapter.

What makes the Cricut Fusible Markers different, is the sublimation. These marker contain sublimation ink which is then fused to the substrate during the heating process. I have played with these pens already and I am in love with them.

The Cricut Fusible Inks come in Brights and Basic Colors. The available tips sizes are 0.4 and 1.0.

See Pic Below.

Cricut Infusible Inks - Sublimation Business Niche

The Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets are another awesome tool for putting sublimation projects together. These are sublimation with the sublimation ink already applied in very delightful solid colors, as well as delightful patterns. and colors. I have usually seen these used with reverse negative designs. They have a beautiful results.

Check back for future tutorials. I know that I am saying that a lot in this post, but the tutorials are coming.

See Pic Below.

Cricut Infusible Inks - Sublimation Business

Siser Sublimation Markers

The Siser Sublimation Markers come in a variety of colors. Assortments can be purchased in Primary Pack or Pastel Pack. There is also the Black Pack of Siser Sublimation Markers.

The Primary Pack contains the colors red, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. The Pastel Pack contains the colors  peach, light pink, lavender, light blue, seafoam, and light green.

See Pic Below.

The Black Pack contains 2 round tips, 2 fine tips, and 2 chisel tips.

Having these different tips are great for outlines and those added details.

See Pic Below.

Here is what you will need to work with these Siser Sublimation Markers.

The paper that you need for these Sublimation Markers will be plain copy paper. You can also use graph paper or lined paper. Any cheap paper will work with these markers. The only paper that you don’t want to use is sublimation paper.

These markers work on all sublimation compatible blanks. They will also work on garments that are at least 50% polyester. And these Siser Sublimation Markers will work on any HTV that you can sublimate on, like EasySubli, Glitter, and even Holographics.

Additional information on this product will be available in upcoming tutorials.

Siser EasyColor DTV is amazing. What does the DTV stand for? DTV mean Direct Transfer Vinyl. This products uses your home printer and does not require a sublimation printer.

You can print on multiple surfaces with this product.

T-Shirts can be 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton-polyester blends or Lycra blends.

Notice that the EasyColor DTV Sheets are white on one side and a cloudy gray on the other side. As a general rule, if your home printer is a back loaded, then load the EasyColor DTV white side up. If your home printer has a bottom load tray, then you insert the paper with the grey side up.

If you are doing a print and cut, follow the directions for the program that you are using.

Apply the TTD Easy Mask to your EasyColor DTV design. Burnish the design. You can think of TTD Easy Mask as a type of transfer paper. The TTD Easy Mask allows you to transfer you printed design to your desire substrate using your heat press.  

I am working on a more complete tutorial. I will add the link to the tutorial when it is ready.

Which Heat Press Did I Start With?

This is the Heat Press that I started out with when I first started doing sublimation on mugs and tumblers. I have never regretted this purchase and the grandchildren and I have had non-stop fun.

This machine comes in different colors and mine is the mint color.

See Pic Below.

Sublimation Ideas - Hot Selling Items

A Sublimation Business isn’t only about selling Mugs and T-Shirts. There are all kinds of things that you can sell and the profit margin is sweet.

What is one of my favorite sublimation projects?

Cheerleader Bows

These projects are not only very fast and very easy, but the profit margin is amazing. I found the average selling price on Etsy to be $16 – to $26 each.

Let’s take a look at the math for minute. I can purchase 10 yards of double sided satin ribbon which is 3″ wide for $16.25. It only takes 2 yards to make a hair bow. I can get make 5 hair bows from 1-10 yard roll of ribbon.
I sell my hair bows for $18.00. I only have to sell 1 hair bow and I have paid for my 10 yard roll of ribbon. I can then make and sell an additional 4 hair bows for $18.00 each.
This gives me a next profit of $72.00.
I love this profit margin. I am currently working on a tutorial that will give you the additional details on how I get it done.
In the mean time here is the link for the ribbon that I use.
Customeized Hair Bows - Sublimation Business Niche

Sublimation Blank Ceramic Coin Bank

I totally get it, there really isn’t a lot of loose change these days. But you still a place to put that spare change. And customizable Ceramic Coin Banks are the perfect solution.

Ceramic Coin Banks are an awesome niche for your sublimation business. I have actually priced these on Esty. I have seen the average selling price at $26.00.

Now the link that I am sharing with you if for Wholesale Pricing. That doesn’t mean that  you have to buy in bulk, but it will be more profitable for your sublimation business if you do.

The Wholesale Pricing on these Ceramic Coin Banks ranges between $3.05 to $2.40 depending on how many you buy.

These Ceramic Coin Banks could easily be customized and would be great for most any occasion. They would be great for  Birthdays, Graduations, Baby Showers and so much more.

Popular Kitchen Items

There are several items in this category that sell very well.

Potholders and Aprons are just 2 of the items that come to mind. There are also beautiful Serving Trays that  you can make for customers. There are also Bottle Openers. Cutting Boards and Oil and Soap Dispensers.

The possibilities are literally endless for your new Sublimation Business.

Other Popular Items

Customizing License Plates is a great idea for a revenue source. I have priced these selling on both Etsy and eBay for as high as $25 and more. These are very fast and very easy sublimation projects.

There are many people on Etsy and eBay with their own Sublimation Business. Custom License Plates appears to be a very popular item.

Sublimation License Plates - Sublimation Business Niche

Phone Holders and Charging Stations

Another great idea for a sublimation business. I found these items on Etsy selling for $25 – $35 and up. So this is another fast and profitable sublimation business projects.

Let’s not forget the Beloved Pets

Ceramic and Stainless Steal Pet Bowls

I encourage you to check these out. The selling prices that I saw on Esty and sweet. There is good opportunity for profit with this niche for your sublimation business.

These pet bowls have a starting price of $5 and go up from there. There is the opportunity to purchase in bulk and lower the prices.

These pet bowl are 20 and 30 ounce bowls. These bowls come with the lids which I really like.

Basic Sublimation Starter Kits

The Basic Sublimation Starter Kits can be a good choice when you are first starting out. These Basic Starter Kits offer assortments of products and come in different price ranges to fit  your budget.

These assortments are a good idea because you will get the try a product that  you might not otherwise have thought of and it could turn out to be a successful product for your.

The pet industry is a major money maker. Adding these products to  your sublimation business would not a be bad idea. 

Basic Sublimation Supplies

There are basic sublimation supplies that you will need for your Sublimation Business. These supplies include heat tape, heat resistant gloves, and mats and Teflon sheets and parchment paper, just to name a few. But, as with any at home business, these supplies can be bought and stocked up on when the prices are low and you find them on sale.

Keep an eye out for my Incredible Clearance Deals Post. Those post contain the best clearance prices on the the web that I am able to find. When I put those post together, I thoroughly search the web and several companies comparing prices until I get the best prices possible.

My Sublimation Projects

When I went searching on Creative Fabrica, I used the search term “mug template” and I was able to find all kinds of awesome templates. I encourage you to check out that page but I will give you the links to all the templates that I used.

I made this set of mugs for my granddaughter. The pictures are my great-grandchildren. This was a lot of fun.

This design can be found over on Creative Fabrica.

Sublimation Santa Train Mug Template

The Designer is Mini Craft Corner.

See Pic Below.

This is a project that I made for my daughter and her husband. The pictures are their children, my grandsons.

My daughter asked me why the dog picture? I told her that her husband and the dog represented her 3rd and 4th child.

This design also came from Creative Fabrica – there are several with this theme. You can find these templates by checking out a designer named Mini Craft Corner.

I am currently working on a tutorial that will explain how this template was made if you would like to be able to customize your own sublimation template. It is very easy. Be sure to check back for that tutorial. It will cover both Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio.

I would recommend you check out Creative Fabrica is you do not already have a subscription. That is an amazing site.

So What Did You Think?

Did you enjoy this tutorial?

Did you benefit from this tutorial?

Please let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to help you work through any questions that you have.

Yes, there are affiliate links in this post. Those affiliate links do not increase your prices. The small amounts of money that are generated from your support help keep this blog going.  Thanks for  all your support.

Here’s hoping you all the best with your Sublimation Business.

Enjoy Your New Sublimation Business

My Goal is “Empowering People through Creativity”

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