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Word Art

Word Art

Word Art - Personalizing - Make it Your Own

There is a lot of Word Art available today and it can be very helpful when you are putting together a design or a card or just working on a project.

With all the Word Art available, you would think that  you could always find that perfect saying to with your project. But that isn’t always the case. Many times, I love the Word Art but I want to change just one word because it really what I want. It is a sentiment for a sister and I would like to say that to a friend instead. Or I would like that sentiment for my grandmother, not a friend.

We have all found ourselves in these situations. What if I told you that it is possible to change Word Art? Did you know that you can customize Word Art and you can personalize Word Art?

Let’s explore those possibilities together.

I will not tell you that this can be done with every piece of Word Art, because it can’t. While not all Word Art can be changed, most Word Art can.

Let’s look at some examples.

Bless Our Home / God Bless Our Home

I came across this Word Art on Creative Fabrica. I really liked it. But it was missing something. It was missing the word God. There are many people that would prefer it that way, but I am not one of them.

My husband always told me that you never want to leave God out of the Blessing because you never want to give the Devil an opportunity. I inserted the word God.

I started by uploading the SVG. Then the design needed to be ungrouped so that I could work with the individual parts.

Then I typed out the word God. Because I wanted the words to be approximately the same size, I put the Word God on it’s own layer and the rest of the design on a layer directly below. 

I locked the Bless Our Home Layer so that it would not move. I moved the letter “o” in God over the letter “o” in “our” and resized the word “God” to match.

The cute little flower branch didn’t work in the new version of the design. The design just didn’t look balanced. with those branches. So I settled for bringing in other elements from the design. I used my Alt Key to copy the design elements and arranged them in a pleasing manner.

Now I have this awesome design the way I want it. (See example below).

You are probably asking yourself, how did I figure out what font to use? How did I get that font to match.

The answer is very simple. Many time when you get Word Art, there is a file attached to the Word Art that tells you what font is used and where you can get it. The problem is that you need to buy the file in order to find out what font was used. (See example below).

Bless Our Home used 2 different fonts, Pacific Again Typhoon Type Font and Abberwick – New Type for Print and Screen.

This is one of the reasons I like Creative Fabrica Craft. I don’t have this problem. Many times Creative Fabrica Craft, they will provide the font information and the link to find the font. There are times when the information is not there, but 99% of the time the information is provided.

But don’t get confused. Not all the designers on Creative Fabrica will give you the information about the fonts used. In fact, many of the designers do not include the information at all. The Word Art is flattened and the font is not live. Therefore, including this information is not required.

Creative Fabrica Crafts is the designer account that Creative Fabrica uses to sell designs that they create in-house. Creative Fabrica Crafts does include the font information for their in-house designs, most of the time.

This is especially great for those times when you only want the font and NOT the Word Art.

Welcome to Our Wedding

My second example is Welcome to Our Wedding. I love the design, but I am already married. I would love this design if it said Welcome to Our Home.

The font used in this design is called Winter Magic. This font file includes 3 fonts and a dingbat doodle font. But that isn’t all, there is a bonus doodle file packed with all kinds of fun stuff. You might want to check that font out.

Again, just like before, I started by un-grouping the design. I typed out the word “Home”. I removed the word “Wedding” and inserted the word “Home” in it’s place. It is that easy.

Asset 10 100

With this design, the words “to our” had to be moved slightly for the word “Home” to fit. I am very happy with the results.

Strong People

Here is another example using the same method.

Asset 16 100

I really like the Word Art, but I wanted to give it to a friend and needed to change the word “Mothers” to read “People”. Now it can be used for more than just Mothers or Mother’s Day.

Successful Mothers was a little more challenging because I was not given the name of the font.

Tips for Installing Multiple Fonts Files

Many time when I install fonts to my computer, there are several files. This was the case when I installed Magic Winter Font from Creative Fabrica

As you can see there where several files. I started by making sure I could see the file extensions by checking the file extension box.

Then I held down the Control key (Command key if you are on a Mac) and selected the files that I wanted to install.

If I had wanted to include all the files then I would have held down the shift key. But I only wanted the OTF files. See example below for details.

Asset 8 100

I hope that you have enjoyed these tips and I hope you will give them a try the next time you come across that perfect, but no perfect, Word Art.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. I respond to all comments and questions and I love seeing your projects.

Happy Crafting !!

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