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WOW Book Card – SVG Card Template

Book Card - SVG Card Template

WOW Book Card - SVG Card Template

This Book Card – SVG Card Template has so very much to offer. It can be used for any Holiday or Event. I have used this card for Christmas, Graduation, Birthdays and even Invitation Announcements.

I used the pages of the Book Card to list the event details. I did this for a birthday party last year. The Book Card – SVG Card Template Design just does something to make these Event Details pop.

It could even be used to share recipes or a supply list for an upcoming class. It can be used with a wish list.  There are a lot of possibilities with this card.

All and all it is just a fun card and I am glad that it is part of my Card Making Inventory.

Book Card - SVG Card Template - Inner Card Base

This particular Book Card was made as an A2 size, the finished size is 4.25 (4-1/4) x 5.5 (5-1/2) inches. This is a great size because it is an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of cardstock cut in half.

There is a good deal of cutting and scoring on the inner card base. If you are getting the digital download from Creative Fabrica, you have nothing to worry about. There are files for your cutting machines.

If you are choosing to do this without a die cutting machine,  simply refer to the picture below.

I have used a lot of colored squares in the diagram. These square help me when I am putting these SVG Templates together make sure they are symmetrical. These squares also help you because they give you a lot of information about the placement of score lines from the edge of the card base. These squares also give you information about which areas mirror other parts of the card base.

Book Card - SVG Card Template

Folding the Inner Card Base

Folding this inner card base can be a little tricky. I don’t recommend that you fold your score lines in BOTH directions. You only want the score lines folding in one direction. Folding in both directions might sound easier but it could cause problems If the paper is only folded in one direction, it won’t trying to fold in the wrong direction when the card is being opened and closed.

The picture below is a top view of the Book Card – SVG Card Template so you can see how to fold your score lines.

Book Card - SVG Card Template

When you are folding the inner card base, it is easier to do it in sections. For example, fold the book portion on both sides of the card base and then fold the top and bottom sections.

I find this less confusing and I can repeat the folds that I just made on the side of the card base.

Always take your time. The picture is provided to help you.

Accent Pieces Placement

I cut all my accent pieces with my die cutting machines because my machines are more accurate than I am with my manual cutter.

But the measurements for the accent pieces are included if you don’t have a die cutting machine or just want to do it manually with your manual cutters.

Book Card - SVG Card Template

Gluing - Book Card - SVG Card Template

When you are gluing your inner card base to the inside of your card, there are some areas that you will want to avoid. See the picture below.

Book Card - SVG Card Template

Be sure to stay in the gluing area. If you get glue outside the gluing area, the book mechanism might not work.

I was able to put glue all the way to the outside edges without issue. But for the inside edges, I was particularly careful not to go past those score lines. I stopped the glue short of those score lines and didn’t touch the score lines at all. I didn’t have any issues.

Supplies Used

I use 120 lb Cardstock for all my card bases. I will also use that same 120 lb cardstock for the inner card base just because there are so many cutting lines an scoring lines.

This is the 120 lb cardstock that I use.

Accent Opaque White 8.5” x 11” Cardstock Paper, 120 Lb, by Accent

I get 150 sheets of cardstock in a ream for just $13.99.

That comes out to $0.09 per sheet and $0.045 per card. For the value, the price is fantastic.

I love the color and quality of this cardstock. I find this consistency with every ream that I purchase.

Yes, this is an Amazon Affiliate link. I do make a few pennies on your purchase. But those pennies do not increase your price and they do help pay for this blog.


Enjoy - Book Card - SVG Card Template

Decorating is up to you. This is a basic Book Card – SVG Card Template with lots of possibilities.

These files can be used with any die cutting machine. I tested this file with the Silhouette Studio, Cricut Design Space and the Brother ScanNcut. I will never put together a file and hope it works, I always test. I would rather find any errors or mistakes, rather than you find them.

Where can you get this file?


All my downloads can be found in my Creative Fabrica Store. There you can find all my digital downloads.

Here is the link for your download.

Book Card – SVG Card Template

I love being a designer for Creative Fabrica. There is no other place on the Internet like Creative Fabrica. I encourage you to take a look around Creative Fabrica. You will find that they have a lot to offer.

Your Thoughts

If you enjoyed this Book Card – SVG Card Template please let me know. If you have any question, please leave a comment.


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