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Wow Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card

Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card - Subscription

Have You Joined the Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card Yet?

Creative Fabrica introduces the Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card. This is an amazing Teaching Resource for anyone who is a teacher or a tutor. It doesn’t matter if you are teaching in a public school, or a private school, or even home school. These Teaching Resources are also perfect for parents and grandparents alike.

Anyone involved in teaching in any capacity is going to benefit from this fantastic deal being offered by Creative Fabrica – Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card Subscription.

Just $2.99 per YEAR

What Do You Get - Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card Subscription

You get to choose 5 Teaching Resources per week. That means 260 (52 weeks x 5 = 260) per year for just $2.99 per year.

Let’s do the math.

$2.99/260 comes out to $0.0115 per Teaching Resource.

With more than 5 million products to choose from, you will not find that price anywhere else on the Internet. The selection is amazing and it grows daily.

The Creative Fabrica  Teacher Club Card Subscription is well worth the price.

What Kinds of Teaching Resources can you expect?

The Teaching Resources in the Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card subscription are conveniently categorized according to grade level and or age. You will be able to target Teaching Resources for your needs and your specific grade level that you are needing.

All the grades are included, Pre-K through Grade 12.

Let's Look at some of those Teaching Resources

Imagine, all your  teaching supplies in one place. Imagine the time that can be saved. Time that can be spent on more important things, like teaching and enjoying life’s special moments.

Here are just some examples of those resources available on Creative Fabrica with their Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card Subscription.

English, Grammar, Writing Skills



Grade or Age Specific Teaching Resources

Are you a Homeschooler?

Are you Homeschooling? Are you thinking about Homeschooling?

This subscription is perfect for Homeschooling too. Weather you are needing help with organization or with lesson plans, there is something here for you. The Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card Subscription covers all your educational needs and requirements.

You don’t have to be a teacher to take advantage of this subscription. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, moms and dads are all welcome. Anyone who teaches children in any capacity is eligible to participate in this subscription.

Weather you are looking for teaching materials or resources to help you stay organized, the Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card has something for everyone.


Montessori is a well known educational teaching style developed by early 20th century by Italian physician Maria Montessori. This very successful teaching style involves sensory perception.

While it is true that Montessori Teachers undergo specialized training, these teaching materials are easy to use and can be easily incorporated into any teaching environment.

I was very happy to see these resources included in the Creative Fabrica  Teacher Club Card Subscription.

Need More Than 5 Teaching Resources per Week?

With the Creative Fabrica  Teacher Club Card you get 5 resources of your choice each  week. But if you need more, that won’t be a problem because you can always get the All Access Subscription.

If you are not sure about needing the All Access Subscription, you can try it for 3 months for just $12.00.

At the end of the 3 months if you find that the All Access isn’t a good fit for your needs, then you have the option to go back to the $2.99 Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card Subscription.

Creative Fabrica keeps subscriptions simply and easy. They give you all the flexibility that you need to meet your needs as a Educator.

This is a great opportunity to try Creative Fabrica.

If you decide that Creative Fabrica is something that you love and you want the All Access Subscription, check  out their new Annual Subscription for just $79.99 Yearly.

Get access to thousands of craft files

Creative Fabrica Subscription Benefits

Creative Fabrica has recently introduced an Annual Subscription. In the past the All Access was $29.99/monthly. But now Creative Fabrica has a new Annual Subscription for just $79.99 Yearly.

If you are already signed up with Creative Fabrica then you can easily upgrade your monthly All Access Subscription to the Yearly Subscription. If you do not see this purple banner at the top of your screen when you are logged in, simply log out of your account. Then you should find Yearly Subscription Banner rather easily.

Creative Fabrica Unlimited Daily Downloads

Unlike other subscription sites, Creative Fabrica does not impose a daily download limit. Creative Fabrica doesn’t do this which is another great advantage of having this subscription.

Personally, I am not fond of those download limits. I have run into situation where I find a set of designs that I want for a project, and then the download limit kicks in and I have to wait until tomorrow to continue. These download limits are annoying and they mess with my work flow.

I do run into the Google reCAPTCHA bots on Creative Fabrica but it is nothing like on other sites. On Freepiks, for example, they have a 100 daily download limit. I might run into 10-20 reCAPTCHA bots in a single day just downloading 100 files.

With Creative Fabrica when I do run into the reCAPTCHA bots, then it is just 1 time and then I don’t usually see anymore bots for the rest of the day.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers, I love this site. This site provides resources by actual teacher for the teaching community.

It is great to support our teachers. But did you know that Creative Fabrica gives back 100% of all the revenue that comes from the Teacher Club Card. There is no commission fees paid or withheld. This money will go back to you – the teacher.

Why? Because Creative Fabrica believes that education is important.

If you have a shop with Teachers Pay Teachers, consider opening a shop with Creative Fabrica. You won’t be sorry and your customers will love it.

Any Questions

I discovered Creative Fabrica several years ago. I have watched the changes being made and I am very impressed with this site.

The Creative Fabrica Teacher Club Card is just one of the many additions that the folk at Creative Fabrica have made in the last few years. I am very impressed with not only the quality of the site, but the prices are amazing.

Please leave any comments or question below.

Thanks for stopping by.


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